HDR, Inc.


The primary focus of my work was focused on developing a theme for their intranet in Sharepoint 2010.

Due to the organization of the company, the group I worked for did not have access to the core Sharepoint files to create one theme for the intranet, so I was tasked with starting from individual Business Group sites and eventually the homepage. The examples below highlight the homepage.

During the process, I made use of reusable webparts to speed up delivery and also to train other power users to redo their existing sites to match the branded look and feel of the homepage.

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Weekly Wrap emails

The Corporate Communications team implemented a single email to be sent company-wide to summarize the weeks work and highlight upcoming events.

I was responsible for the design, code, and delivery of the emails. I had implemented tracking using Google Analytics and used this to track times of greater response through click-through rates.

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Strategic plan

One of the challenges for the Corporate Communications team was overcoming the perception that the team was using old methods to communicate with a workforce that was getting younger.

To aid in overcoming this perception, I was tasked to review new technology offerings from Microsoft. One of those offerings was Sway.

I used Sway to push an abbreviated version of our Strategic Plan. It was quickly reviewed and delivered to Associates within days of completion.

We were able to include videos and in page interactivity, unfortunately I am unable to share that specific functionality here.