Layton Sports Cards


Snapshot of website before redesign

Responsive web design, rebrand, seo optimization, facebook ads, explainer videos

Platform(s): WordPress, YouTube, Ustream,, Open Broadcaster Software (OBS), Twitter, Facebook, SEO Optimization

In 2012, I reached out to Rich Layton of Layton Sports Cards, to see if he would be interested in my help with his site and online presence.

Having experience working with WordPress sites and realizing that was the platform for his website, I thought I could bring my branding experience with and TD Ameritrade to use here, helping propel this newly formed business.

Layton Sports Cards is now considered one of the top “Breakers” in the sports card industry. What is breaking?

After an initial phone call, we identified the following challenges Rich wanted addressed.

  • Maintain responsiveness
  • Create a solution to pull all orders for a specific product
  • Remove obstacles from purchasing product on the website

With these challenges in mind, I began with creating branding collateral for the livestream and the platforms it appeared on,, YouTube, and Ustream. Once these items were ready but not implemented, I began working on the website rebrand on a beta website I had built locally.

I would have a call with Rich over a three week period to naildown the look and functionality of the website frontend and backend.

Minutes after launching the website, I was able to quickly update YouTube,, Ustream, OBS, Facebook, and Twitter updated.

We received an overwhelmingly positive reaction to the branding effort and then moved to pushing the brand using SEO Optimization and Facebook marketing.