TD Ameritrade

Enterprise Workflow Automation Foundation

Working through a staffing company, I was hired to help provide UI/UX design help for the client account management portal that would be Associate facing.

This project started with the set up of the foundation css for the platform.

Using their backend platform, I was responsible for using the TD Ameritrade Design System to alter the css and form settings.

Enterprise Workflow Automation – Screens

Once the style of the EWA system was in place, the developers and product owners wanted to see it in use.

Throughout the project, I was responsible for, creating and altering prototypes using Sketch and InVision, capturing all feedback through User Group Sessions, and working with developers to deliver a User Experience that delivered upon the feedback of our end users.

Sticker sheet

To familiarize myself with the Design System at TD Ameritrade, I was asked to create a sticker sheet of common layout components to expedite designs specificically for the Digital Guidance team.

I was responsible for reviewing screens used by our Digital Guidance team, then recreating those screens using the TD Ameritrade Design System. This sped up delivery of prototypes provided by others on the Digital Guidance Team.